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Lo Que Dicen Mis Clientes

"A great attitude and is a delight to work with!"

"I can't say enough about Norma! I was initially interested in personal training to get guidance on hip and back workouts. I've had issues with my hip in the past, and wanted to work on strengthening. Norma was great about listening to my needs, and even better about tailoring my program! Each session was new and improved, building up from the previous workouts, which I loved. I didn't want to do the same exercises every session, but she was great at paying attention to how you progressed and added on from there. She has a great attitude and is a delight to work with! I definitely recommend."

- Nancy W.

"She encourages, challenges and movitaves me."

"As someone who has been doing home workouts for the past few years I initially started working out with Norma in her group sessions at the park! It was a great way to get out of the house and meet new people and it is a lot of fun.

I enjoy working with Norma so I train with her once a week one on one. She is an amazing trainer. She encourages, challenges and motivates me. She really knows her stuff and is great at communicating how to correct form and make physical adjustments. Training with her is fun and motivating and I look forward to it every week."

- Marli S.

"She is patient, motivating and pushes me to my limits."

"I've worked out with Norma for periods of time over the last 10+ years. She helped me get back into shape, and helped me stay motivated after having my first baby. I also have a wrist injury that has always held me back when it comes to fitness and Norma has helped me with workouts that are personalized and work for me. What I love about her is that she listens, and helps me achieve my goals while accommodating my lifestyle and previous injuries. She is patient, motivating and pushes me to my limits. She always manages to make the workouts challenging, but at the same time fun."

- Cecilia F.

"Her vast knowledge of fitness allowed her to customize a session."

"I have struggled with my fitness the older I get. I do know my body’s limitations and unlike most trainers I have worked with in the past, Norma respected that but recognized when I could push just a little bit more. Her vast knowledge of fitness allowed her to customize a personalized session for a group of ladies at all fitness levels all while keeping the session exciting and going for all. I cannot recommend Norma enough. You will not be disappointed.

No matter what your fitness goals I am certain that Norma will be more than able to help you get there."

- Wendy R.

"She is encouraging, uplifting, thoughtful and truly wants the best for her clients."

"I’m so happy I chose Norma to be my trainer! I signed up to work with Norma at the end of last year because I was looking for a trainer that could help me build strength and tone my body. I had never been to a gym and had only done at home workouts that didn’t seem to be doing much. I wanted a trainer to show me the proper way to exercise since I didn’t trust myself to do it. Norma has been so great! Working with her for the past few months has been exciting and I’ve learned so much. She has taught me how to use my muscles and push myself to do better everyday. When I show up to train with Norma she is always positive and such a joy to be around. She is encouraging, uplifting, thoughtful and truly wants the best for her clients.

In addition to helping me tone and strengthen my body physically, she’s has also helped me in knowing how and what to eat! Before Norma, I had limited knowledge on what I should be eating but since I have been training, I’ve been logging every meal and taking tips from Norma to ensure I’m getting the right amount of calories, protein and nutrients for my body. Since working with Norma I’ve noticed more definition and strength in my muscles and that’s only with training twice a week! I can only imagine what 4 days a week would bring!"

- Alexandria L.

"It is clear that she carefully plans every workout specifically for me."

"I have been very impressed by Norma in the first months of training with her. I am 72 years old and have a number of health issues, including arthritis in the back of my neck, and a fast heart rate that can cause migraines if not managed. Norma was very focused on collecting and understanding my full and accurate health history, as well as all physical conditions that affect my training. It is clear that she carefully plans every workout specifically for me, with all of those issues in mind. I know this because the gym is set up for the series of exercises before I arrive, and because she constantly checks in with me on my comfort level as we progress through the training, adjusting my positions as needed. The result is that I am getting maximum benefit from my workouts without the pain that results from stressing problem issues specific to me. I feel energized by my workouts without the suffering that has kept me from exercising in the past."

- Kathy D.

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