What is EWM?  

It's a Lifestyle, Not a Season /
Es un Modo de Vivir, No Una Temporada

The EWM (Everywhere Wellness Method) training and coaching philosophy is grounded on a handful of core beliefs. Each one is aimed at creating sustainable and effective wellness programs that you can implement for a lifetime. All while having a fun time, porque en esta vida es necesario sonreir!

I designed this system over the last 15 years, constantly implementing, testing and optimizing these programs. All of this done in an effort to create lasting change in my clients, not just a summer of looking good at the pool, though looking good is nice :)

For me it’s about making wellness part of your lifestyle, for the rest of your life. Long story short, we all need tamales once in a while, so may as well take that into account with our fitness and wellness programs!

My core beliefs:

Measure The Bounce Back Rate

Accountability is a Key Component

It is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

It's About More Than Just a Six-Pack


The Bounce Back Rate /
La Velocidad Del Rebote

We are all humans, and we’re all going to fall at some point. It’s normal to be scared, to seek short-term comfort. Everything I do is with the realization that we’ll miss workouts, we’ll have one too many chips with salsa, or a few too many margaritas. The important thing to measure is what I call the Bounce-Back Rate. Essentially, how quickly can we get back to our desired intentions.

The good news is this is measurable and it’s something I focus on with all my clients. I believe it makes all the difference on the path to sustainable wellness. Treat yourself kindly, it pays off in the end.

Accountability Means Everything /
La Contabilidad Significa Todo

This is a requirement for short and long-term success. Whether it’s to a partner, a trainer, a community, or even your pet hamster, someone needs to hold you accountable. Life happens and it doesn’t usually wait for your rest day to come. Those unexpected moments can easily become more of a priority than our wellness. It’s easy to get off track and it’s much harder to stay on it.
This is where an external accountability source becomes crucial. It ties right into the Bounce Back Rate to keep us moving in the right direction.

It's A Marathon, Not A Sprint /
Es Maraton, No Carrera

Whether it’s nutrition or fitness, short term solutions rarely stick. That fad diet or the latest workout craze isn’t likely to change your lifestyle. It’s rarely sustainable and ultimately will not lead to the long-term results we need for a long, happy life. Because a happy life includes delicious tacos and tamales and a lot of "diets" prohibit them!

I believe in sustainable and incremental improvements to your lifestyle, that over time, will result in a greatly improved quality of life. A better feeling version of you that you can sustain for the rest of your life.

It's About More Than A Six-Pack /
Es Mas Que Un Seis

I admit that it feels nice when I’m in good shape. I like looking in the mirror, I get compliments from my hubby, and I feel proud of myself. But you know what feels even better? Being truly happy and feeling good.

The goal is wellness, not just a six-pack. A six-pack will go away eventually, but wellness and happiness will remain with you for the rest of your life. True fitness will come from taking care of your body, both inside and out, and your mind.

“It’s not just about working out, it’s about building yourself up for something greater.”

- Norma, Creator of EWM