7 Ways To Bounce Back From A Fitness Rut

7 Ways To Bounce Back From A Fitness Rut

It’s normal to get into a rut.

We all can fall off our plans. The key is your bounce back rate. Here are 7 ways that can help you bounce back and find that motivation again.

1. Find a good workout partner.
We are social creatures. Find someone to join you in your workout and make it fun.
2. Try a new activity.
Maybe yoga, running or strength training is getting old. Find a new activity to get you excited about moving again.
3. Sign up to an organized event.
A fitness event, like a 5K, brings a community of like-minded people together. That energy can give you just enough boost to start back up.
4. Care for your mental health.
Ruts stem from emotional clogs. Talk to a therapist or talk to a friend. Just talk to someone to get your emotions out and get things flowing again.
5. Commit to goals publicly.
Putting a commitment out to the world can sometimes be just enough motivation to keep you honest. That added accountability works wonders.
6. Start a fitness text group.
Get a group of friends together and do daily or weekly check-ins. Aside from being fun, it creates a camaraderie and feeling that you don’t have to go at it alone.
7. Hire a personal trainer.
A good trainer provides much more than just workout plans. They will provide encouragement, understanding, guidance and accountability.

Remember, it’s all about the Bounce Back Rate. Give one or all of these a try to get back in the groove!

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